Alumina handling

Aluminum is the third most common element on our planet after oxygen and silicon, making up over 8% of the Earth’s crust & the 2nd most used metal after ferrous .

The Aluminum is extremely versatile and is being increasingly used for a variety of applications in the industry.
Alumina is produced from the Bauxite mineral by undergoing various process like mining–grinding-settling-precipitation & calcination. From Calciner Alumina powder (Aluminum Oxide) is produced in granular form .The entire process is done in the Unit called Alumina Refinery which is generally located near Bauxite mines.

Alumina produced in the Alumina refinery is transported through Road Bulkier or Rail Wagon (BTAP wagon) to the Alumina smelter where in Alumina is converted to Alumina metal in the reduction pot by passing high ampere current to the tune of 400 KA & more for heating the Alumina Powder up to 950-1000 Deg C in the presence of cryolite (Bath) to convert Alumina powder to Molten material.

We in Macon with our long standing experience in the alumina industries offer solution for various alumina handling systems for Refinery & Smelter. The systems offered by Macon are:

Our esteemed clients in Alumina Handlings Systems are

With our knowledge & understanding of Alumina Powder & Process we are confident of giving a very suitable & sustainable solution for Alumina handling systems in Alumina Refinery & Alumina Smelter Plant.
Alumina Handling Systems Manufacturers
Alumina Handling Systems Manufacturers
Alumina Handling Systems Manufacturers