About US

Macon Enviro Technologies is backed by strong experienced technocrats from the field of Process Technology, Plant Engineering, Project Management and Material Handling. Macon Enviro Technologies is capable of providing the most advanced and custom engineered equipment for Air Pollution Control Systems for controlling atmospheric pollutants, Material Handling & Conveying systems for bulk & powder material by means of various conveying technologies and pneumatic conveying for a wide variety of industries such as - Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Pulp, Paper, Glass, Food, Steel, Refineries, Mining, Waste Recycling & Incinerations.

Macon's Engineers have a long-standing position of excellence and expertise in concept to Commissioning & Custom Engineer Scrubbing Systems for Flue gas of Power Plants & other furnaces for removal of sulphur dioxide, Scrubbing & particulate removal system for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants to remove and regenerate gas fumes using - limestone, lime, caustic, soda ash, seawater, fly ash, ammonia etc. Macon's experts have engineered more than 30 installations in India and abroad for Scrubbing Systems.

Vision and Guiding Principles

We constantly strive for new technologies and new approaches to satisfy our customers’ needs. We are aware of the dynamic competitive environment, hence continually try to improve all aspects of our business. We are a client oriented organization. We make sure to understand our customers’ expectations whether stated or unstated. Hence we maintain long term business relationship with our clients, making our organization profitable and successful.

Macon's Quality Policy

We, at Macon Enviro are committed to achieve customer satisfaction by supplying products and services that always meet or exceed the mutually agreed upon requirements of our customers and co-workers. We thrive to continuously improve our products, services and work processes to add value for our clients.