FGD & Scrubbing System

Macon Enviro provides FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurization) System for the following Industries.

  • Coal Fired Boilers & Power Plants
  • Pet Coke Fired Boilers & Furnaces
  • High Capacity DG sets

All types of Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) plants are custom designed by Macon Enviro Engineers by their & technology partner’s long experience in the field of FGD & Air Pollution Control systems.

Depending upon the availability of re-agent like Lime, limestone, sea water, alkali, Flue Gas Desulphurization system can be designed in most economical manner and systems are provided to utilize the system waste to useful products like sulphuric acid & Gypsum to recover cost incurred in Opex. Macon’s Engineers contributed vital roll in FGD installation for coal fired power plant cumulative approx 2500 MW & other furnaces up to 5 lacs m3 of flue gas volume.

Macon has a strong & reputed vendor base for indigenous and imported equipments like RC Pumps, Gas to Gas Heater, Booster Fan, Vaccum Belt Filter, Flue Gas Dampers etc. Macon has also well capable Fabricators & Erectors for quality execution of FGD units who have experience of execution of many FGD erection work.

  Macon is capable of providing Turnkey solution for FGD systems. 

Lime Stone /Lime Slurry FGD    |    Sea Water FGD    |    Dry & Semi Dry FGD


Macon provides solutions as well guide lines for Lime Stone FGD for New & Retrofit Power Plants with proven world wide acceptable & advanced Technology. Macon provides most economical solution for Lime stone & Lime Slurry FGD to meet the latest environmental norms & PRODUCE SALEBLE Gypsum. Macon also supports client in sourcing of cost effective & good quality Lime Stone.

Process in Brief:

The Flue Gas coming out of ESP is taken to FGD System as a bypass line to Stack .The gas is sucked by separate Booster Fan installed for FGD System and enters to Absorber .The acid components (SO2,SO3,HF,HCL) present in the flue gas are washed/treated by downward atomized lime slurry droplets with the counter current flow and removed in the absorber. Nozzles and Pump flow is preciously designed to create atomized droplets for proper reaction and eliminate SO2 and other impurities from Flue Gas . After reaction with slurry droplets flue gas passes through layers of mist Eliminators where in moisture in the gas eliminated and finally clean gas enters to Stack. Lime slurry along with SO2 & SO3 converts to CASO4+ 2H2O (Gypsum) in the oxidation sump and transferred to Gypsum Hydro Cyclone by bleed pump and then to Vacuum Belt Filter where Gypsum slurry converts to dry Gypsum which can be used by many down stream users .The Gypsum such produces has high commercial value as well as widely accepted by Cement manufacturers.

Major equipments installed in WFGD

  • Lime Handling System (depending upon size of Lime supplied)
  • Booster Fan
  • GGH (Optional)
  • Ball Mill (Slurry Preparation)
  • Absorber Tower with internals
  • RC Pumps
  • Gypsum Dewatering System
  • Waste water System

Scrubing systems at Macon

Macon Scrubbers are designed to clean Obnoxious Pollutants and Hazardous chemicals for the following industries-

  • Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Power Generation Industries
  • Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal Plants
  • Mines & Minerals Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Construction Industries


Reagents used in the scrubing process

Water, Limestone’s, Caustic, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Hydrogen Peroxide and more.

Gases that can be treated using this process are-

Types of Scrubbers


Gas Volume handled- 350 cfm to Max-500000 cfm

Special features

  • Zero liquid discharge Systems can be designed as per Clients Requirement and manufactured according to API, Non- API, USFDA Compliance.
  • Standard units can be customized for special process requirements and Inlet Conditions.


  • By product Management.
  • Designed to meet national and International emission Standards.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy to Operate.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Economical solutions for Retrofit and modifications to meet future stringent Norms.
  • Maximum availability.
  • Semi and Full Automation can be Possible.

Other services by MACON

Since its inception MACON ENVIRO has shown steady growth in terms of timely execution of projects, quality services and client satisfaction. We now are expanding our wings. Below mentioned facts tell the story itself.

  • Macon is engaged as Consultant for wet FGD system installation for Captive Power Plant of Cement Plant Unit by one of the India’s lead Cement Producer.
  • Macon is working on feasibility study of FGD systems & technical bid support services for few clients in India.
  • Macon providing solution to large Pharmaceutical units for control of toxic gasses coming out of chemical process in formulations to meet the pollution control norms.
  • Macon successfully completed the project – “Design, Engineering, Supply and commissioning of Enhancement of emission level of W2E plant FGCS units by M/s Jindal Ecopolis” at New Delhi, India.
  • Macon completed Engineering and equipment Supply services of Petcoke handling unit for Vedanta Ltd a lead Aluminium producer of India.
  • Macon providing regular O&M services to a large Aluminium unit at Odisha for their Captive Power Plant.